Streets, Sidewalks and Storm Water

The Street Division is responsible for maintenance of the City’s transportation and storm water systems. Primary tasks are planning and implementation of annual Capital Improvement Project, street maintenance and repair, right-of-way maintenance, snow removal, storm water maintenance, traffic sign maintenance and sidewalk maintenance.

Emergency Snow Routes

According to Section 355.150 of Platte City Municipal Code, whenever snow has accumulated or there is a possibility that snow will accumulate enough to require snow removal, the Mayor or Chief of Police may declare a parking emergency. Until such emergency is terminated, no vehicle shall be parked on designated streets. All vehicles parked on these streets must be removed within two hours of the declaration of emergency, and any vehicle in violation is subject to being towed (incurring tow charges) and the owner of the vehicle shall be subject to a fine.

Emergency Snow Route List (Map)

Sidewalk Replacement Assistance Program

The sidewalk replacement program is a financial cost share program that provides to assist residential property owners in replacing damaged sidewalk in front of their property. This program only applies to sidewalk sections located in the City right of way.